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قالب:العمر بالأيام

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This template returns the number of days between two dates. Dates may be input either as full dates or as year, month and day. Omitted parameters to their current value. gives


Full dates

To use, type:

{{العمر بالأيام|date1|date2}}  (number of days between dates 1 and 2),
{{العمر بالأيام|date1}} (number of days since date 1) or
{{العمر بالأيام||date2}} (number of days until date 2)


  • {{age in days|19 Aug 2008|4 Sep 2010}} ينتج: ← 746
  • {{age in days|27 May 2002}} ينتج: ← 6,649
  • {{age in days||9 نوفمبر 2021}} ينتج: ← 457

Year, month and day

To use, type:

{{العمر بالأيام|year1|month1|day1|year2|month2|day2}}  (number of days between dates 1 and 2),
{{العمر بالأيام|year1|month1|day1}} (number of days since date 1) or
{{العمر بالأيام||||year2|month2|day2}} (number of day until date 2)

Or with named parameters:

{{العمر بالأيام|month1= |day1= |year1= |month2= |day2= | year2=}}  (number of days between dates 1 and 2),
{{العمر بالأيام|month1= |day1= |year1=}} (number of days since date 1) or
{{العمر بالأيام|month2= |day2= | year2=}} (number of day until date 2)


  • {{age in days|2007|5|24|2008|4|23}} ينتج: ← 335
  • {{age in days|2007|5|24}} ينتج: ← 4826


By adding |sortable=on a sort key will be added to the output for use in sortable tables. The sort key is produced by {{nts}} and is based on the SI unit of time (the second).


Three styles of formatting are possible.

|format=raw gives unformatted numbers with hyphens as minus signs[1] (for use in further calculations).
|format=commas  gives numbers formatted with commas (using {{formatnum:}}) and true minus signs.
|format=gaps gives numbers formatted with thin spaces (using {{val}}) and true minus signs.

For reasons of retrospective compatibility, the default when inputting dates as year, month and day is |format=raw; however when inputting dates in full it is |format=commas.

  1. ^ Negative days will occur if the first date is after the second.

Showing the unit

The default is not to show units. To show the unit ("day", days" or "d") use |show unit=.

|show unit=abbr  adds "d" after the number of days.
|show unit=full adds "day" or "days" after the number of days as appropriate.


The template rounds down to the nearest number of full days.

Time zones

As noted above, date parameters left undefined default to their current value. Note that this is the current UTC value. Instead of leaving the parameter blank, however, an offset may be added, for example, {{العمر بالأيام|28 December 2007|+ 5 hours 45 min}} will give the number of days since the قائمة ملوك نيبال was deposed.[محل شكناقش] Note that this will only work when entering full dates (e.g. {{العمر بالأيام|2007|12|28|+ 5 hours 45 min}} will produce an error message).

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